Baby’s Breath assembly

I’ve always enjoyed putting things together and then seeing how great of an end product it is (that’s if it turns out well!) Lately I’ve been trying to think about what it is I enjoy doing so I’ve explored the bookshops a lot after my day job.

I love going around and about at the bookshop (I love visiting Kinokuniya!) and looking at the different books and getting ideas and inspirations of what I want to make or what I can explore further. This one day, I was just so intrigued by the flowers and realised that I did like flowers but never did anything relating to this, so thought, now that I do have some time, why not do so?!

So on the Saturday morning of that weekend, I rose nice and early at 5.45am to get ready to head to the Sydney Flower Markets in Flemington. We didn’t leave the house till quarter past 6 but managed to get there just after 6.30am. By then, parking wasn’t too bad because most people who shop for the good flowers would already have done their trip. Luckily as we got there, there were still quite a lot of flowers still being sold so we just went browsed around and shopped for what we needed and what looked nice to go with our flower assemble.

Flower assembly - Feb 2017

Flower assembly - Feb 2017

As you would have noticed from the bouquets which I put together, my favourite cutting flowers are the Baby’s Breath. They’re just beautiful and simple. And so far, it’s worked well with all the flowers which I’ve chosen.

Flower assembly_Feb 2017

What I really love about flowers is that they’re just naturally so beautiful. It’s a natural centre piece which lightens your mood and really makes your day.

Flower assembly - Feb 2017

Flower assembly - Feb 2017

Flower assembly_Feb 2017

I’m keen to know what you think of these bouquets I’ve put together and if you’ve got any advice on this or just what you would like to see – always up for a challenge ! So let me know 🙂



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