NSW South Guide: Alongside the Royal coast

Honestly, days like these are perfect for bushwalks. That morning, we decided to venture out to the part of Royal National Park (RNP) which we’ve never been to – Wattamolla. Wattamolla is known for its jump rock and picnic spot which I’ve been wanting to visit for so long !

We were prepared to do the walk as opposed to a swim so as we arrived at the place, we went to find a nearby track and started exploring our way around this area. We ended walking from Wattamolla Beach car park to Providential Point and then Curracurrang, all of which was alongside the coast.

Providential Point to Curracurrang

For nice views, I’d recommend heading to Providential Point (only about 15 minute walk from Wattamolla carpark) which is a lookout to the ocean and Wattamolla lagoon. Even on a cloudy day, the views are still quite spectacular.

Either choose to stop here or continue on. To continue, you’ll have to head up the hill from the lookout.

Providential Point to Curracurrang

If you decide to make your way here on a weekend or even worse- a public holiday, bare in mind that it will get busy very early on so plan to get there really early in the morning. We arrived just before 11am but Wattamolla Road was blocked off so we only had the options of either: heading home, going to another location (all of RNP would be busy no doubt), going to Audley and doing the walk to Wattamolla (apparently it’s around 10kms one way!) or just parking at the entrance of Wattamolla Road and then walking to the carpark. Since we were already there, we decided to just do the walk. It ended up taking us 1 hour one way which wasn’t too bad since it wasn’t too hot so could have been worst! On our way back, we were lucky to be offered a lift back to the start by a Ranger who was making his way to the start to give updates on the carpark capacity. Lucky us, because this meant we saved at least 40 minutes of our trip !

Providential Point to Curracurrang

Providential Point to Curracurrang

We then got to a point where we decided to just sit down on the rocks and enjoy the breeze & the views!

Providential Point to Curracurrang

The great thing about Wattamolla is that most people visit this area of the National Park to have family picnics, go for a swim or just to chill around the lagoon. So walking around this coastal area, there was absolutely no one. Providential Point was quite busy with always a couple people around but as you continue further, it’s so secluded that you pretty much have the place to yourself which was perfect for us to enjoy and to capture some great shots!

Providential Point to Curracurrang

Providential Point to Curracurrang

Providential Point to Curracurrang

Providential Point to Curracurrang


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