NSW Central Coast Guide: Long Jetty

That day when you’re hoping to wake up early to see sunrise at the jetty but end up sleeping in cause you’re (1) too tired (2) seeing that the sky is too cloudy to see anything !

Instead, we visited the Long Jetty at the usual times where everyone else did as well, just in the afternoon.

Long Jetty

Long Jetty

 Despite it being very cloudy, we managed to take a couple of nice shots, with a lot of waiting around. The thing with going during the day is you may need to wait for people to take their photos before you can. This is especially at the end of the pier. Although, I was pleasantly surprised that there weren’t too many people like I expected.

 Long Jetty

Long Jetty

Long Jetty is located in the Entrance in NSW’s Central Coast. To navigate to the Long Jetty, I recommend navigating to the intersection of Norberta Street and Tuggerah Parade. Then make your way along Tuggerah Parade and it should be the first pier you see on your right. You will notice that whilst driving along this road, you’ll spot at least 3 piers but the first one you see should be the infamous Long Jetty.

Long Jetty

Long Jetty

Wearing: Dress from Dotti | white sneakers from Cotton On | sunglasses from Glow Glam


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