Accommodation Review: Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

It was around 2 or 3 months before the trip that I decided to take my family on a short roadtrip up to the Central Coast near The Entrance.

What I soon realised was that booking accommodation in December (busiest time of the year!) 2 months before was not the best idea.

1. Accommodation is expensive during this season
2. Most of the better places get booked out really early so not that many great ones remain unbooked and are left at expensive prices too!

So I booked a few places on & Expedia and changed things around throughout the lead up to the trip. Good thing about booking accommodation these days is the freedom of ‘Free Cancellation’ up to the few days before the check-in date. Then around 2 weeks before, I re-checked the sites and found one of the best looking hotels I’ve seen since I started browsing from the start – Pullman.

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

As December is one of the busiest times of the year, most people would book their accommodation a lot earlier, I’d say at least 5-6 months. So at the time I decided on the trip, not that many great places were left. And even the prices attached to these were high enough so when you find a really good one, it will obviously be a lot more expensive than the rest. The photos of Pullman looked great so I didn’t think twice. I think for this one there were no options for ‘free cancellation’ so I knew I had to commit to the booking but I knew at least Pullman had quite a reputation so I didn’t give too much doubt. I immediately booked the place on Expedia.

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

The thing about hotels when you’re booking on the website is that you have no idea how clean, how noisy, convenient it is too most attractions until you get there. So browsing multiple websites is really good in order to check out the variety of reviews given. There were times when I’d book a certain hotel then browsed few websites and read really bad reviews and saw really bad photos of the place itself taken by past guests so I just cancelled the booking, last thing you’d want is to be disappointed when arriving.

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

Cleanliness was key for me. And as soon as I opened the door to the place, everything looked just like in the photos I’d seen on Expedia.

So we stayed in a 3 room villa so it was quite spacious. Enter and on the left was the staircase to bedroom level and right was to enter straight to our open kitchen. In front of the lounge in the kitchen, there’s a dining table outside to enjoy the nice breeze and the view of the golf course also.

This is the ensuite which had a huge double bed as well as a closet and an ensuite bathroom (with a bathtub!)

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

Pullman Magenta Shores Resort

In terms of location, this hotel is about a 10-15 minute drive from The Entrance city centre and about 15 minutes to Norah Head. Surrounding the villas are massive golf courses, not the ocean.

They have 3 swimming pools of which 1 is an indoor. We only went to 1 which was outside and had about 1.5hrs to swim as the pools were noted to closing at 8pm. We rushed to try to get some time at the pools but realised no one actually kicked us out at 8.30 but by then we were feeling a bit hungry so decided to head back. The pool was huge and since we only had us three in the pool, wet had plenty of space to swim in !

I’d definitely give it another visit if I had the chance. The only issue which I had was that within the first 2 hours of arriving, we had spotted a massive spider in our garage and a cockroach on the carpet in our ensuite so that wasn’t too pleasant. So we didn’t leave anything on the ground considering my family and I are extreme germaphobics … well maybe more so me ! So considering this happened, I’d say there were quite a few more which we might not have seen but were lurking around. I sure hope they have pest control!

Hopefully another visit longer than 1 night will allow me to experience more of the facilities offered and hopefully capture more photos of places around here.

« Thanks Dalena P. for photographs of the Girl »


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