Denim on denim

Everytime I’m about to step out of the house, I’m always thinking, how do I dress up nicely even if it’s just shopping for groceries? I recall the countless number of times I look at an instagram #ootd and become so amazed at how good that chic looks in her outfit. And I always wonder, do they really wear that every where? Well regardless they do or not, I have my ceebs moments, and I’m sure every human being would ! There’s always days when I honestly just feel like going out in something basic, but still looking like I actually put in a little bit of effort!


I love the hair on fire! I honestly swear by L’Oreal’s Wild Ombre kit. I’ve dyed my hair twice and each time, I used this amazing kit which worked so well ! There’s plenty of videos around to help you if you’ve never dyed your hair at home and would like to give it a bit of a try. It’s heaps fun but make sure you’re comfortable before you give the dye a try, last thing you want is to draw attention to ‘an ombre gone wrong’ !


So for this outfit (or I’d say any tbh!), match the outfit with a pair of Rayban sunnies and you’re good to go with the #classic look !


Being a denim lover, I have to embarrasingly admit that I only have 1 denim jacket.Yes! I know what you’re thinking! How can anyone only have 1 ?!

So 3 years ago, I ventured to the States and got myself my very first denim jacket from a random shop but since coming back, I never thought to wear it. I guess I just never thought how great a denim jacket could be! It was only until I found it again at the beginning of this year and decided I need to give all my unworn clothes a go. So since then, I’ve carried it with me everywhere.

To date, it’s my most favourite piece of clothing! I love that it’s just so versatile with any outfit. I’ve worn it whilst bushwalking (yes! with pair Nike leggings), going to the beach, and on casual strolls in my casual shorts and singlet! A denim jacket adds a bit of a nice, dressy feel to it. So even if you’re wearing something extremely simple, denim jacket really does work its magic !

Denim on denim


No doubt I’ll be getting a few more before the start of 2017 !



Miss Shop essentials tee
– Riders by Lee jeans
– White sneakers
– Daniel Wellington watch
– Rayban classic navy sunglasses


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