NSW Blue Mountains Guide: On edge of adventure

That morning, we had set out making our way to the Blue Mountains, further down towards Blackheath. Our plan, was to do the walk to the Hanging Rock near the Baltzer Lookout.

To get to the Hanging Rock, you’ll need to make your way onto Ridgewell Road in Blackheath. Once on this road, keep driving along this road until you reach the entrance gates where you will find a little parking area on the right. Bare in mind the road is full of gravels and potholes so drive very carefully!

You’ll see the sign which says ‘Burramoko Fire Trail‘, this is the track. But even if you look around, you’ll notice this is the only one road 🙂

Note: this walk is 8kms return so be prepared.

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

Continue walking down this track.

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

After maybe a kilometre, you’ll get to this sign post which directs you to either Burramoko Fire Trail‘ or ‘Hat Hill Creek’ fire trail. Follow the Burramoko trail, and continue walking straight ahead. This fire trail is relatively easy with few semi-difficult steep hills but they’re not too bad!

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

You then approach this sign, keep walking.

Whilst on this track, you’ll be able to notice a lot of nice little views through the trees.

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

From this gate, you’ll walk for approximately 3.5km to the Baltzer Lookout. It’s a fairly straightforward road which will take around 1-1.5hrs to walk. Bear in mind there are little side roads that divert out but make sure you just keep walking straight as these little roads are only little stopping spots so it is a deadens. And it won’t be hard to realise actually since the road is probably only about 5-10m long !

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

You then finally reach your last sign which is where you are close approaching the Baltzer Lookout. Bare in mind the first lookout is the Baltzer, not the hanging rock.

  Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

It’s an amazing view. Apparently, the mountains are very blue because it comes from the eucalyptus leaves.

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t the Hanging Rock.

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

If you look on your left while you’re at the tip of the Baltzer Lookout, you’ll notice a huge rocking which is hanging- that’s the rock you’re looking for. But first, enjoy the views at this Lookout. It’s magnificent and there’s also quite a lot of rocks for you to just sit and enjoy.

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

As you can see that the hanging rock sits on the left side of the lookout, the track is close by down the left side. It might look like there’s no track but there is actually one! It’s just so steep that you can’t see it.

If you’re keen to do this trek, I highly recommend wearing the right footwear as grip is so important ! And take care, walk very slowly !

And once you’ve reached the level at where the hanging rock is, it’s great! I don’t recommend walking to the tip though, it’s way too dangerous ! But then again I’m way too chicken to do these things !

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

Non coastal walks aren’t exactly my favourite but it was intriguing to see a rock that stood out so well, hanging on top of nothing. I think standing there, all I was really thinking was how anyone was so game enough to stand at the tip. I think for me, just looking at it was probably enough!

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

A very dry walk but a lovely lookout at the end of the trip. Definitely worth visiting.

Baltzer Lookout/Hanging Rock

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