NSW West Guide: Southern hemisphere cherry blossoms

If I asked you what are some of the first few things which you think of when I say Japan, the first words would either be ‘matcha’, ‘green tea’, ‘tokyo’, ‘sushi’ or ‘cherry blossoms’. In Japan, cherry blossoms are deemed to be one of Japan’s national flower. Japanese people always made sure they kept track of the blooming season just to avoid missing out. That’s because cherry blossoms only bloom for a certain period of time so if you miss out, you’ll have to wait another year!

Cherry Blossoms in Sydney

In Japan, cherry blossoms start blossoming in Okinawa in about January,  then makes its way to Kyoto and then Tokyo by the end of March or early April. Blossoming then moves into areas at the higher altitudes and up north, then heading to Hokkaido a couple weeks later.

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful that in Japan, all schools would have a tree outside the classrooms!

So the great thing about Sydney is that there are so many places to visit if you want to learn about or be a part of a culture.

Each year at the Auburn Botanical Gardens (Japanese Garden), a Cherry Blossom festival is held in the month of August for about 2 weeks. After missing out last year, I decided I couldn’t miss it this time round !

Cherry Blossoms in Sydney

Entrance to the gardens during this festival is $5 for all and free all children. And if you dress up like you would to Cosplay shows etc, ie dressing up in anime characters, you’ll enter for free! And people love that in Sydney! So many people love seeing creative people dress up to look so alike to characters in anime shows, movies etc. And they usually can’t resist asking for a photo!

Cherry Blossoms in Sydney

But note, if you’re hoping to capture a photo of just yourself wit’s the walkway of the cherry blossoms, chanded are very slim. I can’t possibly think of a good time that there would be no one except for the early mornings. Like if you wait outside prior to the gardens opening, then potentially.

Apart from the main attraction during this festive season, you’ve also got the different surroundings/attractions in the gardens as well.

Cherry Blossoms in Sydney

 I’ve been to Japan before but missed the cherry blossom season so it was a delight to be able to see them right here in Sydney!

Cherry Blossoms in Sydney

If you have yet to visit, make a visit in springtime, gardens are opened all year round. And if you’re really keen to attend the annual Cherry Blossom festival, don’t forget to add a reminder in July 2017 to check when the festival is on!

« Thanks Dalena P. for photographs of the Girl »


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