NSW North Guide: Sunset on Manly Beach

It is hard to live about 40kms away from the center of Sydney because a commute to certain places like the city, beach or national park can be quite a bit of a trek. And that’s why when I go to these places, I’m always in absolute awe because I don’t see these places every day!

The last time I went to Manly Beach was probably in primary school when I was really little which I don’t recall too well. Back then, a beach was like any beach to me, but as I’ve grown older, my love for beaches have grown more and more.

I couldn’t get myself to go for a swim this time because it was still really cold, but I usually love to at least take a dip in the water, jump waves, play frisbee and even just lie on the beach and talk. Oh and how can I forget, eating fish and chips on a beautiful day at the beach !


So that day, a couple of friends and myself went to visit another friend in the Northern suburbs of Sydney and then did a small trip to Manly Beach. As we got to the beach at about 3pm, we ended up staying for sunset as well, and it was beautiful !

Manly is about half an hour drive from Sydney, so from the south to the west area, it’s probably about 1.5 hours of driving. Alternatively, you can take the ferry from Circular Quay ferry terminal.



I always love watching sunset at the beach as you can clearly see the skies, and the horizon set at the end of the ocean.


Manly Beach is like Bondi Beach, which you might be more familiar with as it’s a popular destination for tourist and local surfers. But Manly itself isn’t that far behind. You will definitely be able to find spots to chill out on the beach as it’s less crowded, and the good thing is, you can grab yourself some ice-cream from Ben & Jerry’s whilst you’re here! Need I say, the afternoon is a very popular time for surfers. Clearly the only people you can see in all my photographs!

Manly   Manly

Definitely a place worth visiting, and if you’re looking to a much quieter beach than Bondi, I recommend making a visit to Manly Beach.

Photographs captured by :  Jen Pham


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