NSW South Coast Guide: Bridging out into the Sea

If you are making your way from Sydney to Wollongong or vice versa, I would suggest taking the Sea Cliff Bridge on your way.

If you’re making your way from Sydney to Wollongong, I suggest parking on Paterson Road and then walking from your spot to the bridge. It’s only a mere 50 metres or less so it’s quite close! And the great thing by doing so is that you get to walk the bridge, capture some great photos and enjoy the nice breeze !

Where to park at Sea Cliff Bridge

We went at about 4pm in the afternoon and it seemed like a good time, as there wasn’t too many people so we were able to take our time.

Sea Cliff Bridge

You will notice the bridge as soon as you see the ‘Sea Cliff Bridge’ sign.

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge

And what’s great about going for a stroll in the late afternoon, is capturing the sunset on the horizon. For me, this is one of my most favourite captures by far !

Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge

Don’t forget to also drive across the bridge or else it won’t be the same! And since you’re already there, why not! If you’re not too keen to drive to Wollongong, you can just drive across the bridge and then once you’ve passed, just make your first right turn onto Clifton School Parade to do a u-turn and come back (directing from Sydney to Wollongong). As soon as you turn, there’s also a small park with a children’s playground there as well as toilets for use.

Definitely worth a drive through if you’re heading back to Sydney from Wollongong or heading down to Wollongong. Either way – a must route !

Photographs captured by : Dalena Pham & Jen Pham


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