NSW South Coast Guide: Stanwell Park Beach Reserve

So after making our first stop at Stanwell Tops, we then made our way to the Sea Cliff Bridge. On the way, we passed Stanwell Park Beach/Reserve – this was our next stop. We stayed here for a couple hours to enjoy a good picnic and also explored around for a bit.

Stanwell Park Beach Reserve

The park is insanely busy and despite the parking area being quite large for a very secluded area, all spots were filled. We managed to find a spot on the streets just nearby which wasn’t too far away. Even though the park is really busy, you’ll always manage to find a spot to sit as you’ve got a park reserve but also a beach right in front so the place is large.

Stanwell Park Beach Reserve

At the park, there was a little bridge which led to a small forest area. Obviously, our curious minds couldn’t help it self so we took a stroll across the bridge to see what was on the other side. Oh and the bridge is only tiny!

Stanwell Park Beach Reserve

Photographs captured by : Dalena Pham & Jenifer Pham



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