NSW South Coast Guide: Stanwell Park

The great thing about making your way down to Wollongong via the Sea Cliff Bridge is that you get the chance to visit a few great spots that are conveniently on the way.

Our first stop whilst on the drive from Sydney to Wollongong was at Stanwell Tops. It’s strange cause this is also next to Bald Hill Park which is just the spot where you will get that view all the way from the top of a hill, overlooking the ocean and the sea cliff bridge from afar.

Bald Hill Lookout

This is a popular spot as it’s mentioned everywhere on Google when you search Wollongong, but don’t get turned off by the expected crowd.

Bald Hill Lookout

The parking around is still in construction as they’re building more spaces for parking which is definitely really good to see. We did struggle to find parking there but the good thing is there’s a roundabout just around the corner so you can go back round again to try your luck at finding a spot. The actual parking space is small so they have parking spots on the road too. But you’ll always find a spot because not many people will actually sit for too long. It’s a nice open area maybe just for an hour max just because it is at the top of the hill so it tends to be extremely sunny. But the view is amazing and there’s plenty of grass space for you to sit down and enjoy the view.

Bald Hill Lookout

Splendid view from above !

Bald Hill Lookout

Photographs captured by : Dalena Pham & Jenifer Pham


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