NZ Travel Guide: Puzzling World

One of the few touristy activities you could possibly do in Wanaka is to visit the Puzzling World. There consists of puzzles, illusion rooms and a maze to navigate out of. This is definitely a very family based activity.

You could choose to either purchase your tickets online or at the centre. If you’re too busy to organise this, I would highly recommend just purchasing the tickets on the day at the location itself as it wasn’t too busy when we went.

Puzzling World (Wanaka)

We didn’t exactly go in as we didn’t have much time so we decided to hang around outside the centre to look at the figures they had set up for visitors.

Puzzling World (Wanaka)

We did need to use the rest rooms so we did walk right through to the exit where the bathrooms were. The good thing is you can sit in the lunch courtyard and use their toilets for free without a ticket (as their website says).  This is good, because it seemed like there wasn’t enough staff to monitor people walking in and out of entrances and exits.

As you get to the toilets, you get to this sort of illusion room which gives you a good depiction of perspective.

Puzzling World (Wanaka)

This is the front of the centre where you can sit and play different puzzles which they had.

Puzzling World (Wanaka)

We spent about 15 minutes there trying to figure out the Tower of Wanaka puzzle which in the end, we didn’t manage to solve at all !

Puzzling World (Wanaka)

Definitely worth dropping by to visit as it’s only a 5-10 minute drive from the Wanaka town centre/ bottom of Lake Wanaka.

Photographs captured by: Jen Pham & Daixi Huang


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