NZ Travel Guide: Glenorchy

The best point in Glenorchy to get the lake view is at Glenorchy Waterfront Reserve. Glenorchy is only about 47 kms away from Queenstown so it’s about an hour drive straight down Glenorchy-Queenstown Rd.

Drive along Glenorchy-Queenstown Rd

We wanted to explore further than Glenorchy so drove a bit further down the high country horses track but soon realised it was going to be another 20kms straight down a gravel road which was definitely going to be a very poor, bumpy ride for our corolla hatch so we turned back and headed straight for the Waterfront Reserve.


 The Glenorchy house here is a mini museum showing the history of this pier and a little about the town.












 Glenorchy is an extremely small town, and by about 4pm, everything would’ve already been shut so it’s definitely a very quiet town. But then again, New Zealand is really known for it’s peace and quiet but a very chilled, relaxing country.





Photos captured by: Jenifer Pham & Daixi Huang


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