NZ Travel Guide: Shotover River

Previously, we had driven over this bridge whilst on our way to and from our Onsen and I recall saying “oh! If only there’s a way to go down to the river!”. So this time, as we were making our way to Arrowtown along Arthurs Point Rd, I couldn’t help but keep a look out to see if there was an area to make our way down closer to Shotover River.

My curiosity got to my and I decided to divert our plans a little upon seeing a road turning left, leading closer to the river. So immediately, I made the left turn into this area to see if we could discover the perfect place under this bridge.

Shotover River @ Arthurs Point

As we turned left off Arthurs Point Road just as we crossed the bridge, we noticed this was where you would white water raft. On the right side was a small parking lot so we parked our car there and decided to go for a bit of a walk down hill towards the river.

shotover river

And there, we found the perfect place to capture some photos. It was a bit hard to enjoy the scenery because behind the scenes, there was just way too many little flying insects which just didn’t want to leave us alone.

Shotover River @ Arthurs Point

So we were only able to explore this area for a bit before deciding to head back to our cars and commence our journey to Arrowtown as it was about 6pm. If you’re wondering why it was still bright at this time of the day, it’s because sunset in New Zealand is incredibly late ! It’s great, perfect for a holiday where you want the day to last as long as possible.

Shotover River @ Arthurs Point

Shotover River @ Arthurs Point

Shotover River @ Arthurs Point

And the other side of the bridge, is the usual Queenstown scenery – mountain ranges !

Shotover River @ Arthurs Point

Photographs captured by : Jenifer Pham & Daixi Huang


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