NZ Travel Guide: Queenstown town centre

Staying at Pinewood Lodge, made it convenient for us to drive to the town centre as it was only 1.1 kms away – a quick 4 minute drive. This made it easy for us to make countless number of trips to do some grocery/snack shopping and back and forth when we forgot something at our lodge like a jacket or something 😀

When we went to the town, we’d often be parking on the Lake Esplanade (road) near Brunswick St intersection in front of Lake Wakatipu. It’s right in front of The Waterfront restaurant, Crowne Plaza, Bumbles Backpackers and The Lodges just to name a few.

And as you park, you can cross the road to the other side and sit beside Lake Wakatipu.

Lake Wakatipu

And when you walk along Beach St by Lake Wakatipu, you’ll walk past the Thunderjet sections which is for activities from jet boating to parasailing to cruises.

Lake Wakatipu

If you’re used to the city life, Queenstown is definitely very different to your usual everyday scenery – but it’s beautiful. Even upon arriving at Queenstown International airport, there was that beautiful change which was great.

Queenstown town centre

Queenstown is indeed a very small city so if you visit Queenstown, definitely rent a car. Because if there’s one place you want to do road trips, New Zealand is the place to do it !

Photographs captured by : Jenifer Pham


3 thoughts on “NZ Travel Guide: Queenstown town centre

  1. Beautiful pictures. Loved my time there and hanging along the lake. Was amazed and the blueness of the water and the surrounding scenery. For food, Fergburger OMG, so good. 🙂


    1. Hi Elatlboy !

      Indeed agree. We were there for 6 days but all we had for dinner for Fergburger ! Thought it was going to be overrated but it turned out better than I expected ! Best burger ever. I’ll be making a post soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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