the Little Red Dress

that red summer dress

With the little red dress, I feel so much younger than I already am !

that red summer dress

And in case you’re wondering, these are the Kit Kat packs which I got from Japan awhile back. Quite surprised I still have these, especially considering how long it’s been since I went to Japan (just under 2 years!) ! I know I’m probably eating expired Kit Kat, but I refuse to look at the date!

that red summer dress

A short and casual dress that ties around the waist, allowing the skirt of the dress to flow over your legs- it’s cute.

that red summer dress

Zipper’s on my left side right under the arm so it’s easy to slip on without feeling the need to get thin to fit into it 🙂

that red summer dress

– Forever21 red dress
Spendless ‘Haze/Obsessed’ shoes

Photographs captured by Dalena Pham


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