last of the Shorts for now


So there’s only 1 month left before we come to a close of Summer and enter the warm, rainy Autumn season. I’m not dreading, just a teeny bit sad. Summer is just so much fun. And especially in Australia, it always means the end of the year and the start of a long Christmas/New Years break filled with the numerous beach visits.

Possibly the last time summer shorts will make an appearance for now. Unless Summer likes to stick around for a bit over the beginning of Autumn, then it won’t be the end just yet 🙂

the midriff


You’ve probably noticed already, but I’m always wearing these Pandora rings- I’m a huge fan of Pandora (mainly because Mum does tend to shower us with Pandora gifts for Xmas). I’m not much of a diamond ring kind of girl at this point in time so I like to go for the more casual rings. The ring on the middle finger is no longer available at Pandora but the index finger is wearing the ‘infinite love ring‘ which was released in the later half of 2015.


These white All Star shoes – perfect for any occasion. Simple and casual!

♥ Wearing:
– Miss Shop midriff top
– Valleygirl high waisted shorts
–Converse All Star lean shoes
– Guess watch
– Pandora ‘Infinite love‘ ring


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