royal blue takes over self

I’ve been addicted to the colour blue since December. And I seriously have to say, it all started with the Rimmel‘s 60 seconds super shine nail polish. At that time, I was on leave so I decided to go all out and bright on my nails, hence why I picked the brightest blue from this line: ‘royal so & so‘. I got mine from Priceline for $5.95 but look out for promos as it’s always on, sometimes 2 for $10!

Ever since, I’ve been sporting a full blue colour scheme majority of the times I’ve been going out. This one in particular, was no exception!

Blue outfit

Love the new Topshop purse that I recently got from the Sydney store.

Blue outfit

Blue outfit

Blue outfit

The Guess watch was one which I purchased from the States 2 years ago and have loved it since. This is quite different because it’s got a rubber strap instead of the usual leather so I quite like it.

Blue outfit

To be quite frank with you, the only shoes I’ve ever purchased from Spendless Shoes were the ROC school shoes. I’ve never bought anything other than those from here till my sister decided to buy me a random pair of sandals from here for Xmas as part of  some of her random gifting to me!

I love the bright white colour of it as it really accentuates the outfit as a whole.

Blue outfit



♥ Wearing:
– Forever 21 shorts (purchased while in the States)
– Miss Shop top
Spendless ‘Haze/Obsessed’ shoes
– Topshop purse
– Forcast belt
– Pandora rings & Pandora charm bracelet (all charms are from Pandora)
– Guess watch (also purchased while in the States)

Photographs captured by Dalena Pham


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