New York City Day 05

Day 5: 19th Dec 2013

Our last day, was dedicated to 5th Avenue shopping as well as the Empire State Building. But first, we had to head down to Lower Manhattan once again to see Washington Square Park as well as have lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar before we said a temporary goodbye to this city.

it's lovely seeing kids go out and play even when it's cold - Lower Manhattan




The words “let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair. The event is in the hand of god. – Washington” can be seen at the top of this monument from the front.

Washington Square Park




So on the way to Lincoln Center, we passed Time Warner Center again and took a few snapshots, as it was indeed our last day here in NYC.

Time Warner Center




The Lincoln Center is the largest complex in the world which offers different programs throughout the year, including its most famous ballet shows.

To the right of Lincoln Center is also the Julliard School, a music conservatory which is considered as the world’s leading music school! I had to capture this for my sister who didn’t have the chance to travel with us. This is the school which she always talks about !


So we left to make our way to 5th Avenue to do some shopping. As Lincoln Centrer was on the West side of Central Park and 5th Avenue was towards the East side, we had to travel past Central Park for one last time. And we captured several things which we didn’t from the first day.

these horse carriages take people around NYC near Central Park

At the intersection of Central Park South and 5th Avenue is Grand Army Plaza. There at the intersection, is the bronze statue ‘General William Tecumseh Sherman’ by Augustus Saint-Gaudens which features the equestrian William who sits beside Victory who on one hand is holding onto a palm fond and the other pointing forward.

bronze statue 'General William Tecumseh Sherman' by Augustus Saint-Gaudens at the main entrance to Central Park




5th Avenue is splendid at night that we were able to capture a lot of how the shops were decorated. We visited FAO Schwartz which unfortunately has been closed since June/July 2015 😦


you have someone greeting you at the entrance. They're so friendly they even insist in having you take a photo with them!

The Tiffany & Co store really did stop traffic. It’s exterior design is so splendid and magical to look at. Even the window displays are so magical.

Do you remember Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's ? Well Tiffany & Co today looks even better!

through each of the shop window at Tiffany & Co, there's a Christmas scenery set up which is so beautiful to look at. This is one of the few we saw

The Trump Tower. If you stay in NYC long enough, you'l notice Trump owns quite a lot of property here in NY



We also stumbled upon these figures whilst making our way to the Empire State Building.



It may be confusing to find the main entrance to Empire State Building if you decide just by looking at the building, but you are to enter from 5th Avenue. So when buying our tickets, we got the ‘Main Deck + Top Deck’ tickets which gives access to not only the 86th floor but also the 102nd floor as well! Adult tickets are $44 and for child ages 6-12 is $38. If you don’t want to wait in line, you can get Express for $67 per person. But that was way too much and we didn’t really mind waiting in line. It turned out that night, there wasn’t much of a wait at all. Be aware that going to these attractions, there are security checks so this does add more time.

main lobby of the Empire State Building (be sure to enter from 5th Avenue side)

Down at the lobby during Christmas, there are several window decorations as well which are so nice to look at. Can you believe the below photograph is a picture of the Empire State building made from candy ?!





The view at night, is spectacular.

to the left, is the Chrysler Building



We couldn’t say goodbye to New York without visiting Time Square once again.

Time Square one last time


New York had been an amazing trip ! There was so much to do but glad we managed to cover off the major attractions in 5 days. Well it’s not forever goodbye. New York, see you next time !


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