New York Shopping

5th Avenue I hear you say ?! New York City isn’t just known for its beautiful skyline. It’s also the place to go on a shopping spree but even better – to do it during Christmas !

Macy’s is one of America’s biggest department stores, with the largest store located right here at Herald Square.


Macy's 'Believe'


Another place which I really wanted to visit, was Dylan’s Candy Bar which was located on 3rd Avenue at 60th Street near Lexington Avenue (subway).

Dylan's Candy Bar


candy crush lollies at Dylan's Candy Bar

This is one of NY’s famous candy stores with just too much candy you cant get enough! Within the store, there’s a candy cupboard of fame which stores little boxes of all the different candies several celebrity enjoys from here.

Despite sun setting and the dark night arriving, 5th Avenue was still just as bright as the day with bright Christmas lights. It’s such a beautiful feeling that no such photograph can describe.

There were several shops down 5h Avenue which really captured our attention because of its great lights or the designs within the shop windows.

Tiffany & Co


Tommy Hilfiger

Juicy Couture

Sak's Fifth Avenue

macys believe

Bergdorf Goodman

Harry Winston


FAO Schwartz

interactive keyboard at FAO Schwartz

I had to visit Victoria Secret a couple times. It’s a beautiful place with 3 levels to explore. Ground floor sells all the cosmetics and perfume and a several lingerie sets. Go up to level 1 and you’ll find a Victoria Secret scenery which is so beautiful with mannequins wearing beautiful lingerie with feathers and wings. Level 1 is completely filled with lingerie items. Lower ground of Victoria Secret store sells ‘Pink’ brand items which including sporting wear and any other form of casual items.

Victoria's Secret

In Time Square there’s quite a few shops including Hersheys, Toys R Us, Disney and M&M’s World. There’s shopping at Forever 21, H&M, Aeropostle and heaps heaps more!

M&M's World




Toys R Us Time Square

Shopping in NYC is splendid, but a day isn’t enough. If I were to travel to New York again just for shopping, I definitely would only like to do it during Christmas because it’s beautiful, and the atmosphere is just so lively.


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