New York City Day 04

Day 4: 18th Dec 2013

So beginning of Day 4, we caught the subway from Herald Square all the way South to White Hall St because today for my b’day, I was going to see the Statue of Liberty with my sister and then see New York city from the Top of the Rock observation deck.

We arrived at the Staten Island Terminal to board a Staten Island Ferry which took us between White Hall Terminal (Manhattan) & St. George Terminal (Staten Island). Boarding the ferry is free so whilst enjoying the view and the breeze (not so much in winter, it’s freezing cold), you also get to capture the Statue of Liberty – it’s amazing.

view of Manhattan from the sea


That tall building is the 'One World Trade Centre', formerly known as the Freedom Tower. It is one of the 4 World Trade Centers, however it is the tallest, and is now regarded to be the tallest building in the United States


Just being able to see the Statue of Liberty in front of my eyes was just unbelievable. It wasn’t like how I saw it in movies- I actually saw it, the feeling was just incredible.

Staten Island Ferry

Whilst in Sydney planning my trip, I was about to purchase tickets to visit the Crown of the State of Liberty. I was close to completing my transaction when I was curious to see what it was like inside the crown, so I decided to Youtube some videos of this. I like to actually view the monument rather than be inside of it. So from the video, I decided it was better to just view the Statue from a ferry on the water. And I’m glad I made the right decision. Not unless you’re very keen to stand in front of the Statue, the Ferry is enough if you want an unobstructed view of it from afar.


Right next to the Staten Island Terminal was South St Seaport. Here, you can have a view of the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.



We then headed to the Financial District and first thing, we spotted the Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden.

Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden

The New York Stock Exchange was beautiful and even though it was in the Financial District, there was still such a joyous Christmas atmosphere here. There’s a huge Christmas Tree which stands to the left of the building.



the other side of the New York Stock Exchange

On the way from the New York Stock Exchange to the 9/11 Memorial, we also spotted the Bank of New York as well as the American Stock Exchange.



A tall building spotted close to the 9/11 Memorial is the One World Trade Centre. This was formerly known as the Freedom Tower and is the main building within the new World Trade Center complex. It is now the tallest building in the United States with 104 floors and is located on the site of the original 6 World Trade Centers right next to the 9/11 Memorial. The Freedom Tower name was considered to be too colloquial so One World Trade Centre was the official registered name, however people still refer to this building as the Freedom Tower regardless. The building was believed to have been built in memory of the 9/11 Twin Towers which was what New York was also known famous for.

One World Trade Center formerly known as the Freedom Tower

To get in, you’d have to line up. It doesn’t cost anything but it is expected that you donate a minimum of $5 per head if I can recall correctly. If you donate $10 per person, you get a free 9/11 elastic bracelet in memory for paying your respects here. The below photograph features one of the 2 memorial pools. Each one was built on the spot of the Twin Towers.

9/11 Memorial


Top of the Rock Observation tickets were $27 for adult and $17 for children ages 6-12. Another option was to purchase the sun & stars pass which gave you access to the observation twice during the 1 day which allows you to see NYC view during the day and during the night. I wanted to do this but realised I could do so just during sunset. The best thing about this attraction (aside from the spectacular view), was that there were no time restrictions as to how long you could stay on the observation decks. However, be aware that if you go during Winter, it is extremely cold, so you probably wouldn’t want to be up for too long anyways.

Let’s say the experience was so spectacular and amazing, it would take be so difficult to make me forget. It was extremely amazing. Despite going during Winter, it wasn’t too cold up there, and the breeze was quite nice and relaxing. Honestly, if they had benches, I would have stayed there all afternoon just looking at the view.

Your ticket provides access to 2 levels: level 67 and level 70. The first photograph shows those standing on Level 67. When you finish, you take the escalators to Level 70.

Top of the Rock observation deck Level 67

Top of the Rock observation deck Level 70

It’s extremely difficult to take photos with a window in front, but thank goodness for the space in between wide enough to fit the lens through. The window is there however to protect from any incidents from happening so you’ll feel extremely safe on these levels.

Top of the Rock observation deck Level 70, gives an unobstructed view of New York City

You really don’t understand how big Central Park is till you see it from above. I do hope that in the near future, I can get a photograph of this but during Springtime where there are green trees and green grass at Central Park.

Central Park from Top of the Rock observation deck

We came right before sunset and then stayed till after sunset. So we were lucky enough to be able to capture New York City during sunset- it was beautiful! It was an amazing experience which I still cannot describe. Not even photographs can explain in full how spectacular it was.


I’d have to say, Day 4 was my favourite because I got to see the Statue of Liberty and see New York City during sunset at the Top of the Rock observation deck- both which were amazingly spectacular, even words cannot explain.

I personally liked the Top of the Rock more than the Empire State Building (which I did on Day 5), all because with Top of the Rock, you have the beautiful NYC view as well as the Empire State Building. Inside the Empire State Building, you see everything but itself. But despite this, both attractions are great and worth visiting if you’re in NY !


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