New York City Day 03

Day 3: 17th Dec 2013

We started off Day 3 with a walk to Macy’s Herald Square to get an umbrella because it was snowing ! It was beautiful. As we walked out of Macy’s, this was also where my sister & I experienced our first snow falling in life, so we couldn’t help but capture it 🙂 – it was indeed a very special moment for us to share the experience together.

first snow falling experience, even  better -  in NY !

We then caught the subway down south to Lower Manhattan where we started the day’s trip by walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

Near Brooklyn Bridge, just got off the subway



After walking quite a distance up the Brooklyn Bridge, I stopped to question whether this was the Brooklyn Bridge or not. From afar, we could see another bridge (which was the Manhattan Bridge) but we weren’t too sure. I guess I just couldn’t get myself to believe that we were in New York walking on one of America’s most iconic bridges. As it was during Winter here, the bridge was indeed covered with ice so it was quite difficult to walk. We spotted a lady in front who fell over, stood up and laughed about it so I guess she wasn’t in too much pain but we were kind of scared ourselves. It was so difficult walking that we had to walk slowly & carefully. To add, I was wearing boots with 5cm heals…. Yeh, not so much of a great idea but I had spent an hour that morning trying to find Ugg boots which I could just buy and wear for the day, but didn’t quite find any in favour of my likings.


Brooklyn Bridge !


The Brooklyn Bridge walk was so difficult because it was just so cold

Despite the Brooklyn Bridge walk, it was still cold so we headedback to go find a good indoors restaurant for warmth and some food. We decided to try the wafels at Wafels & Dinges instead then headed back up to Upper Manhattan (we hadn’t eaten all morning and it was already 3pm in the afternoon).



So we had initially booked a 3.30pm time at the Top of the Rock observation deck but ended up being late so the guy at the reception advised us to choose another time tomorrow instead of tonight. He said that there was no view to be seen up there because it had been snowing all day so it has been quite dark. We thanked him and booked a 4pm time for the next day which would hopefully give us a sunset view of NYC. So because of this, we ended up exploring the Rockefeller Centre instead. And as we exited the Centre, there we spotted, the biggest Christmas tree in NYC !

It was beautiful. I think no matter what you had on your mind at that point, the sight of the Christmas tree would really have made your night. It was just simply beautiful, standing there with lights all around and the crowd of people was just splendid and so lively. It was a great atmosphere.



IMG_8019In front of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, is the Rockefeller Skating Rink. As we arrived, it was still not opened but it did about 15 minutes later. Which I believe was probably around 6.30 or 7pm.

Rockefeller Centre Skating Rink

So beautiful that everyone has to spare even a second to admire the lights.



Legoland is so big here, the store is amazingly packed. There are so many different 3D shaped animals and architectural landscapes which are made from lego pieces, which is extremely amazing.

Amazing ! At Legoland NY

You’ll also find the NBC store where you can buy merchandise for your favourite TV Shows under NBC. The below photo of the NBC sign is made up of coloured M&Ms !

NBC Store

Every kid has to explore Nintendo World. It’s a 2-floor world which sells games, and even provides a Nintendo gaming table for you with its Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo World

gaming area in the Nintendo World store

Pokemon section in the Nintendo World store


Time Square is a place to take a walk at night and indulge the atmosphere. So we couldn’t help but visit this area again.

So the day before, we got to go in and explore the store for 15 minutes but the store closed at 12am so we bought our 2 M&M cushions and then left for another store. But today, we were early, and had heaps of time to explore the many levels within this M&M World.


Toys R Us in Time Square is most famously known for it in house ferris wheel. The ferris wheel features many different carriage designs. FRom the giraffe to a mini taxi and even Barbie’s car. It’s a paid ride if your kid is dying to go on, and there isn’t too much of a line if you go on later throughout the night.

ferris wheel inside Toys R Us


Wonka at Toys R Us

Jurassic Park in Toys R Us

I didn’t discover my love for Hershey’s chocolate till my trip to the States. And lets just say, I was extremely addicted. So I couldn’t help but purchase some to bring back home from this very store.

time square hersheys

Hersheys NY

As usual, after a night at Time Square, we would head back to the hotel and be prepared to watch some US TV (we were addicted!), and then refresh for the next day.


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