New York City Day 02

Day 2: 16th Dec 2013

Our Day 2 plan was to pretty much do a lot of shopping on 5th Avenue. Unfortunately, the night before I was too busy editing my other food posts and didn’t get to sleep till 4am. So my sister & I woke up real late. So then we pretty much just visit Madison Square Garden, chill around the shops on 7th & 6th Avenue and then visited Grand Central Station as well as Time Square.

Madison Square Garden  located on 7th Avenue

NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARYNew York Public Library  located on 5th Avenue



It was amazing that as we continued walking along 42nd street towards the Chrysler Building, we realised that Grand Central Station was also on this street. Our initial plan was to visit this on the day which we were doing 5th avenue shopping, which we clearly didn’t do but at least we managed to tick this off the ‘NY to do list‘. It was amazing just being at the station ourselves. I think it’s just for everything, it’s the feeling when you’re standing on the ground of the iconic place.

Grand Central Station & Chrysler Building



Grand Central Station Terminal

on the balcony of Grand Central

looking up at the balcony

Grand Central Terminal Clock


The view was amazing. It really made me want to skate. If I have the chance to come here again, I’d love to relax a bit more and do fun things like skating. I can imagine how great of a feeling it is during Christmas season to be skating at a rink right in front of a huge, festive christmas tree.

meet, play, laugh & chill at 'Winter Village at Bryant Park'


In the background, you can also see the Empire State Building. It appears sooo close.

can you spot the Empire State ?

There’s also a beautiful fountain nearby and a few food stalls next to the fountain.

fountain at the 'Winter Village at Bryant Park'

Skating under purple lights, under the Christmas Tree with a view of the Empire State Building during such a joyous season – it would feel amazing.


Time Square was only a 15-20 minute walk from our hotel so we pretty much walked through here every night for food/dinner. Time Square is soo amazing and lively during the night. It’s soo beautiful at night that I’ve only walked through Time Square during the day once, and I don’t even clearly recall this.



it aint NY without these cabs !

can you see TKTS ? That's the back of the 'Red Steps'. It's where you buy your broadway tickets

The ‘Ruby-Red stairs‘, made up of 27 red steps is always packed with people.  How we managed to capture a photo here was after midnight on a weekday. After finishing dinner and heading to some Time Square shops which stayed opened till 1am, we spent some time here taking snapshots of steps that are soo iconic in Time Square (if you can also recall the Glee cast singing here). May seem strange to go very late at night, but there’s always people out, it’s never too quiet!

Ruby-Red stairs in central Time Square

Under these 'Ruby-Red Stairs', is TKTS - where you purchase your broadway tickets

1am in the morning, or should I say at night . . .

Kids will love the Disney store! It’s so fun and lively with soo many great toys around! Even a 20 year old would find it exciting!


the world of Disney

can you guess which movie each toy is from ?! CHILDHOOD MEMORIES :)

Walking on the way back to the hotel where we pass the subway station of Time Square.

peek through the bars which guard Time Square subway

Whilst walking back on 7th Avenue, we noticed that this Avenue is filled with a walk of fame on the pathway and then realised that this Avenue was a ‘Fashion Walk of Fame‘. It was 1.30am at night so we only took several snapshots as it was quite quiet on the streets.

A very simple day 02. Can’t wait to share Day 03 of some of New York’s iconic locations!


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